We have received a number of comments, all starting with "you suck because...". So we decided to create this FAQ.

FAQ. aka "Why we suck"

"...you suck. No one will ever trust any sensitive info to some stupid web-app"
So don't. If you don't trust our website, use our free Windows app that operates without connecting to our website. You can use it offline.
"...you suck cause you will steal my data. It must be you, who sells all the info to Wikileaks.
We do not store the text you enter. We do not store the encryption password. We store only the ecrypted part (for the "short URLs" feature). Without the password it looks like this: "==ODGHesFIhqAkCA1PVxn6Zg==". I don't think Wikileaks is interested. More info in our privacy policy
"What is the encryption algorithm?"
It's AES - a symmetric-key encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. After the text has been encrypted, it's encoded to Base64.
"...symmetric encrypotion? AES? This sucks. A Chineze teraflops supercomputer can crack it"
Come on, we're not talking "Mission Impossible" here. Just some secret stuff you wanna hide from your boss, your girlfriend etc.
"...you suck cause I don't know who you are or who do you work for!"
We are - Jitbit Software, a UK-based software company. But this server is located in Denver, Colorado. We created this project for fun. And to learn some new technologies - ASP.NET MVC and "Click Once" deployment (for the windows app).

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